10 Pets Who Were Caught With Their Hand In The Cookie Jar

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Cats and dogs are smart.

They’re actually very, very smart. So much so that they know exactly how much intelligence to train you. After all, they know a few words in the human language but you don’t know a single word in meow or woof. That being said, every pet owner knows how crafty their animals can be.

And certainly how devilishly naughty. It’s almost like having a mini Dennis-The-Menace except cuter.

Just look!

#1 Cake tester

#2 The panty raider.

#3 Is this a prank or assault?

#4 They were making a ladder to the catfood.

#5 Wasn’t me.

#6 Dog does a hide.

#7 That’s where your money was going.

#8 Hand on a literal cookie this time.

#9 It’s like stealing (fishies) from a baby.

#10 He just wanted a taste.

source: RearFront.